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Coordination of networks:
The PAV encourages the consolidation of the subregional networks and platforms and supports the creation of new networks of social entities working with volunteers, through meetings with every subregional platform, training activities and other actions.

Several work groups of technical personnel from the different platforms have been created in order to develop networking. These work groups have periodic meetings.

Consciousness-raising programs:
To raise awareness about volunteering has been one of the main aims through different projects.

Project to raise awareness about volunteering with minors in social inclusion and organization of a meeting about volunteering in a correctional facility for juvenile offenders.

Project to raise awareness about volunteering with university students through activities and seminars in different universities of Andalusia.

Project to raise awareness aimed to persons in risk of social exclusion, we have carried out different activities aimed to persons with disability, minors in risk of social exclusion and homeless people.

Training and non formal education:

Non-formal education is one of the main activities of the organization, every year we improve courses and training, always trying to comply with the new needs.

We plan different non-formal education activities orientated to technical personnel and to volunteers of social entities, we also use different ways to make people come together: courses, trainings, seminars, meetings, conferences, roundtables.

E-learning: The PAV has an e-learning platform and is using it to carry out virtual courses in the fields of volunteering and social entities management.

Information and advice

The PAV has a free advisory service for social entities on different topics. The PAV is also carrying out a mediation service between social entities and people interested in volunteering.

Area of research

The PAV created the Observatorio Andaluz del Voluntariado (Andalusian Observatory about volunteering) that is an instrument of research and analysis of the needs of the social sector and volunteering. It is also meant to keep the social entities informed with each other.

The Observatorio Andaluz de Voluntariado published a Guide of social organizations and is carrying out researches about volunteering in Andalusia.

Area of International relations
The PAV is promoting European relations with organizations working in volunteering management. In this respect the PAV is full member of the CEV (The European Volunteer Centre). It also cooperates with European volunteering organizations in order to exchange experience and to develop future projects together.